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Bulletproof The High Achiever Ground Coffee

Power your morning with The High Achiever™—enhanced coffee that works as hard as you do.

With B Vitamins, Lion’s Mane and Coffeeberry®, this smooth, medium-dark roast gives you the energy, focus and brain power to conquer your to-do list.

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  • 286g bag. 22 x 13g servings.
  • Science-Backed Ingredients
  • Clean Coffee, Tested For Toxins
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Expertly Roasted For Superior Taste

    • Smooth, medium-dark roast
    • Brews a flavourful, medium-dark roast that will power your morning
    • Powerhouse blend of B Vitamins, Lion's Mane and CoffeeberryÂŽ
    • Our coffee beans are hand-picked and sustainably sourced from small farms
    • Clean coffee that has been tested for toxins, so you can feel your best
    • We source our coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms


    • Energy plus focus and brain power
    • Science-backed ingredients
    • Available in ground coffee


    • B Vitamins, 100% Daily value: High potency B Vitamins support healthy energy levels so you can own the day
    • Lion's Mane: Science-backed dose of Lion's Mane helps support cognition and brain power so you can conquer your to-do list
    • CoffeeberryÂŽ: A natural source of caffeine that will energize your morning and help you stay focused when you need it the most

  • Brewing instructions: Use 2.5 Tbsp. of ground coffee for every 240ml of hot water in a drip coffee maker, French Press, or pour over.

  • What is The High Achiever?

    The High Achiever is our first ever enhanced coffee. It's the same clean, Bulletproof coffee you love, but we've added science-backed ingredients like B Vitamins, Lion's Mane and CoffeeberryŽ to give you even more energy and focus to help you conquer the day ahead.

    Who is The High Achiever for?

    The High Achiever is for all you go-getters out there that work hard everyday, and trust your morning cup of coffee to start your day.

    I saw this product contains Lion's Mane. Is it going to taste like mushrooms?

    No! Our beans are hand-picked and carefully roasted so your coffee tastes like coffee. Get the brainy benefits of Lion's Mane mushroom, without any mushroom flavor.

    How much caffeine is in it?

    175 mg of caffeine, approximately 2x the amount of a regular cup of coffee—to give you the energy you need to carry on. *The maximum amount of caffeine intake recommended per day is 400mg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amanda (Sydney, AU)
Great tasting ground coffee

This is the nicest of the ground Bulletproof coffees. I love the Original whole beans but find they are a bit bland pre-ground, and the darker roasts are too bitter for my tastes. This is definitely in my Goldilocks zone for pre-ground coffee :) it's slightly more expensive per bag (and the bags are smaller) but the recommended serve is 13g coffee, versus the usual 20g, as the caffeine more concentrated on this one. No jitters or stomach upsets though. Will definitely buy again.

Sarah Wood (Sydney, AU)

I love The High Achiever. It really helps me wake up in the morning and definitely sharpens my focus.
I teach Pilates and I need to hit the ground running for my early morning
classes, this helps a lot and the taste is amazing.
If you a like a rich, dark roast, this is for you.

It’s a Winner

Bulletproof High Achiever has become my favourite morning coffee, blended with ghee, MCT oil and collagen protein powder makes the perfect coffee giving me all the energy needed before doing my morning Pilates reformer workout

Mia Kay (Sydney, AU)
Brain Fuel - Bulletproof The High Achiever

The best one out of the Bulletproof coffee range yet! I honestly can feel the difference in my productivity, focus and clarity! I've reduced my 3 coffees a day to 1 with this one - not only will it give you the mental clarity and boost but you'll fine that 1 cup of this coffee is all you'll need - which also means that you'll also save money on coffee and reduce consumption. Highly recommend!

ANGELA T (Brisbane, AU)
Bulletproof High Achiever Coffee

Love it ! Great taste followed by great energy & clarity.
As always with Bulletproof , no gut issues or anxiety after drinking.