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Fast and portable in-cup blending for your Matcha or other beverage for that frothy finish.

  • We field tested the various milk frothers on the market and picked the Aerolatte™ as the best in performance, durability and portability.

    Compact and portable – bring it anywhere
    Comes with storage tube for extra protection
    Enjoy frothy beverages anywhere knowing your aerolatte® original is safe

    Do you want to enjoy great frothy Matcha? Do you love portability? Who doesn’t! That’s why the aerolatte® original steam free frother comes with its own storage tube.

    Our hard wearing storage tube means that aerolatte® owners can enjoy great frothy drinks no matter where they are – no worries about bangs, drops or breakage of your beloved aerolatte® portable milk frother. Place it in the included storage tube, pack it away and bring it with you. Enjoy the wonders of the aerolatte® no matter where you go!

  • Creating the perfect froth used to be hard – not since the arrival of the aerolatte® original – see how to make it:

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Jennifer Todhunter (Sydney, AU)

Compared to other milk brothers, the Aerolatte is much more efficient, froths faster and blends oil in coffee well.

Nick Blair (Canberra, AU)
Beaut little frother

Great value frother! I use this to make my daily bulletproof coffee. Also very easy to clean.

Prue P. (Sydney, AU)
This is fantastic! I’m surprised

This is fantastic! I’m surprised such a little whisk could be so good. It froths up the bulletproof coffee so well. I love it.

Jennifer H. (Sydney, AU)
Great way to blend my

Great way to blend my butter into my bulletproof coffee, without having to use and wash my blender.

Matthew C. (Ballarat, AU)
Excellent piece of kit. Whips

Excellent piece of kit. Whips up a frenzied froth in no time. Highly recommended.