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Macauley Jones

V8 Supercar Driver

Macauley has been racing anything with wheels since the age of twelve. Now at the age of twenty, he competes in the V8 Supercar development series

From the first week of trialling Bulletproof® Coffee, I noticed a significant and consistent improvement in my energy levels and not only that - my skin has become much healthier.




Steve Hord

Base Jumper, Health Coach, Author of FIFO:
There's a Healthier Way.

The greatest hack I have found for BASE jumping is Dave’s infamous Bulletproof Coffee (thank you sir!) and daily meditation. They make up for my natural lacking ability (haha) and give me the laser like focus the sport demands!




Jayce-Love Attard

F45 World Playoffs World Champion & Australian Navy Diver

I can attest to having experienced significant improvements in cognitive function and mental clarity, exercise performance and pain tolerance, digestive improvements, fat loss and at the same time increased lean muscle mass. All with a time sensitive method. Find out for yourself.





Nurse Kerrie Gleeson

ICU Nurse and Nurse educator

Knowledge is power. It’s time to take responsibility for your health and for your life before it’s too
late. It’s taken me over half of my life. But it’s never too late to start. There are many who would like
you to remain unconscious. The choice is yours. But don’t die wondering.

Bulletproof from a Nurse's Perspective.

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