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Bulletproof Coffee, Bio-hacking, Self Upgrades & Nootropics in Australia

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  • All our product is stocked locally in Australia which means fast delivery and reasonable weight-based shipping rates
  • Bulletproof Coffee Kits offer an opportunity to save: Choose from a Starter, Monthly Resupply or A Bulletproof® Coffee Making Kit.
  • Get focused with the right nutrition and nootropics.
  • Manage daily stress and achieve coherence (balance) through training your breathing with bio-feedback using the Heartmath emWave2 or one of the iPhone compatible Inner Balance Trainers.
  • Ward off insomnia and improve sleep quality.
  • Opt for natural, ethical and sustainable supplements like 100% Organic Turmeric + and Omega 3s from Marine Algae Oil.
  • Introducing AFP-Peptizyde. Stop gluten before it affects your digestive tract.