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Work with OptimOZ (Updated April 2017)

OptimOZ is an Australian rand that embodies the idea of optimal performance living that pushes the boundaries of human potential in every facet of life.

We started as an eCommerce store and after 4 years, we have established ourselves as the leading destination for Australians to discover a curated selection of products to support an optimal lifestyle.

We currently have a number of opportunities for talented and motivated people to join our team and join us on our mission to help spread optimal ideas to all Australians. 

Are you inspired by by people like Tim Ferris, Wim Hoff, Dave Asprey or Mark Sisson? It doesn't matter where in the world you are. I've you're driven and have expertise to offer in any area, then we would love to hear from you! 

OptimOZ is not a traditional company. We don't believe in forcing people to spend 8 hours a day strapped to a desk in an air-conditioned office space. While we are based in Sydney, many of our team work remotely in different timezones. This means we interact less in person, but still collaborate effectively through messaging, video and phone calls. We're a team of high performers who have cracked that work-life balance equation.

Marketing Internship (paid) - part time - work remotely

Still at university? OptimOZ are looking for 2 marketing interns that understand web and mobile tech. We're looking for future leaders who have the potential to become part of the company long-term. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience while working for a growing startup in the health and nutrition industry. We launched in 2012.

If you have skills in the areas of graphic design, web design, online marketing, branding, videography or photograph and want an outlet to display your talent, keep reading:

This internship opportunity is 3 months long and requires a 4 day per week commitment. There is potential for extension and expansion of your role after the initial internship. Tell us what you can bring to the table, and if we see eye-to-eye, we may hire you.  Outcome oriented performance measurement - estimated at 10-20 hours per week. Share your skills while learning from us. Ability to work remotely and therefore communicate using various online channels or over the phone regularly will be a key to success.

Customer Service Manager

Handle all communications with our customers and attend to their needs. You will have experience with both phone and email customer care, are fluent in english and are web savvy. 

New Product Development Manager

Manage the formulation or sourcing, testing, production and launch of new products. You might be a qualified healthcare practitioner with industry experience. You understand consumer buying behaviour and can spot opportunities in the marketplace.


TCM or Ayurvedic Advisory Board Member (remote, part time)

Alternative medicine professional with a special interest in adaptogenics. This includes Cordyceps, Maca, Ashwaganda, essential oils etc. A qualification in Ayurveda or TCM is essential. If you happen to be mixing up your own herb combinations at home already, then we'd like to hear from you.


Ecommerce Manager (remote, ongoing contract)

Manage all facets of our website functionality, security and upgrades. Shopify experience preferred. Previous eCommerce website management experience is essential.

If any of these positions are of interest to you please contact us using the form below. Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. A link to your Linkedin or other relevant profile or portfolio
  3. The position you are interested in
  4. Your current job or program of study
  5. The two things that inspire you most and why? Anything at all - books, people, movies...
  6. The reasons you want to work with OptimOZ? To answer this question, be completely candid and honest. Don't tell us what you think we want to hear.
  7. The city you live in
  8. Your goal(s) for 2016
  9. What's the #1 bit of value you believe you bring to the table?

Good Luck! We don't believe in luck. We believe in optimal performance.

email info@optimoz.com.au with the details requested above.