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Online Digital Marketing Jobs

Work online from anywhere with OptimOZ. Contract Opportunity

 OptimOZ embodies the idea of Biohacking. Optimal performance living that pushes the boundaries of human potential in every facet of life.

We currently have an opportunity for a talented and motivated digital marketer who is well versed in content creation across social media.

The ideal candidate is an imaginative content creator with the matching technical skill set to make and publish content using web applications. These include Instagram and Facebook. We offer flexible and remote working opportunities, so you could be living in Toronto, Adelaide, Nova Scotia, Tokyo or Rome. You're welcome to apply.

eCommerce experience is valuable, but an entrepreneurial spirit is even more important. In the fast changing online world, your ability to adapt is a crucial characteristic. You might already be in the workforce or you might still be studying. In either case, we could have a job for you.

Join us on our mission to help people integrate optimal living habits into their lives.

OptimOZ is not a traditional company. We don't believe in forcing people to spend 8+ hours a day strapped to a desk in an air-conditioned office space. We advocate efficiency and work that is rewarding. While we are based in Sydney, many of our team work remotely in different timezones across the world. This means we interact less in person, but still collaborate effectively through messaging, video and phone calls. Creating genuine value is far more important to us than the number of hours you work.

Examples of responsibilities:

  • Social engagement that demonstrates though leadership in biohacking and related fields.
  • Creating and publishing advertisements on social media.
  • Discovering new trends and products and championing them.
  • Content curation - monitor the web for the latest science and trends
  • Content creation - work with writers and designers to create and publish content
  • Article writing

To apply, you should have 20 hours per week available to commit and have a fast internet connect.

email info@optimoz.com.au with:

  1. The specific skills you are bringing that matches the job description above.
  2. What you are currently doing in terms of work or study.
  3. The achievement you are most proud of over the past 6 months
  4. The city you live in
  5. Reference websites, articles, or creative content you have created.
  6. Names of relevant online tools you are familiar with using.