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HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer - Bluetooth

Improve your response to stress

Monitor your emotional and physical health – and improve it with emWave2 and Inner Balance. Tame your fight / flight response to stress.

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Inner Balance by HeartMath from HeartMath on Vimeo.

COMPATIBILITY: Apple iOS & Android. The Heartmath emWave2 Portable is available as a smartphone independent device.

This is the Bluetooth version of the Inner Balance Trainer which is suitable for Android and iOS.

Technical Specification

  • BLUETOOTH: Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • ANDROID: This product is designed for use with Android v5 and newer.
  • IOS: This product is designed for use on Apple iOS v9 and newer
  • PACKAGING: Box Size 5-1/2 x 7 x 1-1/2 inch (139.7 x 177.8 x 38 mm) Weight 5.1 oz (144.6g) SENSOR WEIGHT Weight .9 oz
  • SENSOR SPECIFICATIONS: Ear Clip Size 1-5/8 x 3/4 x 5/8 inch (41.3 x 19 x 15.9 mm) Cable Length 14 in (35.6cm) Pod Size 2-5/8 x 1-1/4 inch

Download the free Inner balance App for iOS or Android

Benefits of Training:

Take control of your stress and performance. Uncover the inner workings of your nervous system Improvements in mental & emotional well-being in over 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

50% drop in fatigue
46% drop in anxiety
60% drop in depression
24% improvement in the ability to focus
25% improvement in listening ability
30% improvement in sleep

HeartMath scientifically monitors your emotional and physical health - and helps you improve it. 


What is the Inner Balance app?
The Inner Balance app is an innovative approach to improving wellness through training, education and self-monitoring. It helps you change your reaction to stress, gain insights in your shifting moods and create a more positive outlook on life, while tracking your progress, journaling your accomplishments and sharing it with others.

How does it work?
Simply pair the HeartMath Bluetooth Sensor to your iOS or Android device. Touch and connect the ear piece to your ear. Tap in the space below the breath pacer to start your session. Follow the pacer and the prompts below to help you moderate your breathing, activate a positive emotion and restore your Inner Balance.

What devices does the Inner Balance App work on?
This Bluetooth version of the Inner Balance trainer works with both Android and iOS devices.

Why do I need to use an ear sensor?
The Inner Balance App uses an ear sensor to capture your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. This data gives the most accurate, in-the-moment reading of your heart rhythm patterns.

Do I have to wear the ear sensor all of the time?
You do not need to wear the ear sensor all of the time just when you are running a session. You do not need to use the ear sensor if you want to make notes in the journal or review your progress.

Do you have a finger sensor that will work for the mobile app?
Yes, we do have a finger sensor that works with the app that can be ®purchased at the HeartMath store www.heartmathstore.com for $25.00.

What is the difference between the emWave2® and the Inner Balance app?
The Inner Balance is an app that is specifically designed for mobile iOS and Android devices. The emwave2 is a portable, handheld device that gives you the capability to run as well as record sessions. It includes a software component that can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms. In addition to tracking your progress, the emWave2 offers you several applications to help you sustain coherence. The software can also be used in combination with the additional coherence games: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat. A comparison chart of the features of the Inner Balance Trainer versus the emWave2 can be viewed here:http://www.heartmathstore.com/category/tech-comparison

Can you download sessions into your computer?
No, not at this time. If you would like to use our products on your computer, we suggest you try the emWave Desktop or emWave2.

What is the difference between Inner Balance and the emWave Desktop?
The emWave Desktop is the complete computer software version of the emWave technologies. It allows you to create multiple user profiles and track the progress of each individually. Additionally, it has several applications to help you learn to sustain coherence. The software can also be used in combination with the additional coherence games: Dual Drive and Tropical Heat.

Does the Inner Balance App save my sessions? Can I delete sessions?
Your sessions will be automatically saved so you can easily track your progress and return to past sessions to add notes in your journal. You can also delete sessions.

Can I share my sessions with my friends?
Absolutely! You can share aspects of your session, but not all of the session data.

What should I feel? Or ‘what does coherence feel like?
Coherence is a state of internal synchronisation between the heart, breath and the head. People experience coherence as a sense of inner calm and balance, an increased focus, while others experience coherence as a more relaxed state.

How long do I practice before it has any effects?
While everyone is different and some people have more inner stress than others, most people experience some results within the first couple of weeks of regular practice. The effects of coherence will increase the more often you use your Inner Balance Trainer.

Can I use the camera instead of buying the ear sensor?
The camera does not work on the Inner Balance App. You will have to purchase the sensor in order to pick up your pulse and run sessions.

What is the science behind the Inner Balance App?
Synchronising your breathing with your heart rhythms while focusing on positive emotions has been shown to reduce the negative effects of stress, improve relaxation, and build resilience with just a few minutes of daily use. The Inner Balance app incorporates our emWave technology to show your heart rhythm pattern (HRV). This, along with a breathing pacer and other feedback, train you to change your heart rhythm pattern to a healthier, coherent state.

Our warranty on all our Heartmath products is two years from the date of purchase. If you have a defective unit you must first contact our Technical Support group (support@heartmath.com) to determine if the unit is truly defective. This can be done via email and schedule a SKYPE call if needed. Most often it is user error and the issue can be solved via email easily. If the unit is defective, we will replace it. Start at our Help page



Also available: Heartmath emWave2


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