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    Diet and chronic low-grade inflammation

    February 11, 2016

    Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome or obesity, are a sign of our times. They are an outstanding consequence of our modern feeding behaviours, and their incidence has been steadily rising in the last few decades. Obesity can actually be considered a global epidemic - the World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, at least one billion adults are overweight and 300 million are obese, and the prevalence of obesity is also rapidly increasing in children. These metabolic disorders are more than meets the eye. They have insidious consequences that in the long run can be significantly damaging. In fact, the rise in human obesity is closely linked to the increase in other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory...

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    Blue Light and Sleep From a Nurse's Perspective

    January 23, 2016

    Of all the colours in the light spectrum, blue light is one of the most damaging simply because we overdose on it with all of our technology…all day and often much of the night for many of us.

    You have heard me speak on this before. How we need to block the blue light at night to allow melatonin levels to rise. My concern is that we are not waking up to this fact fast enough. Working in an intensive care unit is as bright as bright can be. We often do not have the lights dimmed down too much at night. I worry for our poor patients….who get sleep deprived and starved of natural sunlight. If I had the money and power (dreams are free!) I would make hospitals one level only with retractable roofs. Then, every day, when it is not raining, I would open those roofs for at least 15 minutes to give patients and staff access to natural normal sunlight. And it might sound crazy, but I think they would heal better, faster and be FAR better off emotionally.


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