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    Bulletproof from a Nurses Perspective Part 9

    July 29, 2016

    Hello to everyone in Optimoz Land! Nurse Extraordinaire here!

    Well I have done it! FINALLY completed and passed all my modules in the Diploma of Bioresonance and Energy Medicine. I have actually purchased the machine called “The Professional” and am now saving to get to Athens to do a practicum with a Russian doctor who is an expert in this field….then look out Australia! It’s all about energy people…my mission is to keep you OUT of hospital (except for emergencies!)

    Just read an amazing book called Earthing…I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wears synthetic shoes, works in offices, sleeps in a beds off the ground,  lives in a high rise apartment or multi-story building, uses a computer, ipad, iphone etc….basically the whole lot of us! I have mentioned energy and electrons before. We all consume our awesome high fat, low carb (brain octane as well for me!) diet to gain energy….it’s all about the electrons from that food that “charges” us so to speak. Believe it or not, we human beings are just like batteries. We need to “charge” ourselves with electrons…because so much of today’s lifestyle has taken us away from the best source of electrons on this planet…the earth. The ground. Grass, sand, dirt.

    The placebo effect - the power of expectations

    July 04, 2016

    A placebo is a fake treatment, a medical intervention that does not contain any physically or pharmacologically active substances with a direct ability to induce therapeutic effects. Yet, its effect is real. When you’re told that something is going to produce a specific effect on you, even though it does not really have the ability to do so, it is highly likely that you will feel it. And that is the reason why clinical trials use placebos as a control to accurately determine the efficacy of a drug.

    Although the placebo effect has been acknowledged since the 18th century, only recently has there been an interest in understanding how it works. The placebo effect is currently regarded as a set of complex psychological and neurobiological mechanisms built up from verbally induced expectations, from learning and conditioning processes, from social context, from previous experiences, and modulated by emotions, motivation and attitude.


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