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    Ghee and its Advantages vs Butter

    August 07, 2016

    What is ghee?

    Ghee is a class of clarified butter that is caramelized to give it a unique nutty flavour. Although the term clarified butter is often used interchangeably with ghee, ghee and clarified butter are not the same:

    Clarified butter is made by heating unsalted butter on gentle, low heat until all the water in the butter vaporizes. After all the water disappears, milk solids comprising of whey protein and casein rise to the top and are skimmed off. This melted butter, that is then removed from the heat and strained, is clarified butter.

    Ghee is made by continuing to heat the clarified butter until the color of the liquid changes from light yellow to deep gold due to the process of caramelisation. At this point, any remaining milk solids and other impurities will clump and sink to the bottom of the pan. The ghee is then removed from the heat and strained before storing.

    Brown butter is another class of clarified butter that is cooked even longer than ghee and is unstrained.

    Traditionally, ghee is made with unsalted butter that is churned from cultured cream. Cultured butter is made from cream that has been inoculated with strains of lactic acid bacteria. Ghee can also be made with regular unsalted butter, called sweet cream butter, that is available in stores. Ghee is normally not made from salted butter, but flavoured infusions are increasingly common. Ghee made from butter from grass-fed cows has a superior nutritional profile:

    • Favourable omega 3:6 ratio
    • Higher levels of Vitamins A,K, E
    • CLAs
    Chronic Pain: The Challenge of Unlearning a Bad Habit

    August 07, 2016

    Imagine you sign up to a university experiment and are subjected to the next two protocols:

    • You must immerse your hand in very cold water (14ºC) for a duration of sixty seconds.
    • You must immerse your hand in very cold water (14ºC) for a duration of sixty seconds, followed by thirty seconds more, during which the water temperature is gradually raised to a point where it is still painfully cold, but noticeably less (15ºC).

    After you tried both, the researcher asks you to repeat one of the two, at your choice. Which one would you chose?

    If you are anything like the participants from the original 1993 experience, there is a 69% chance that you would choose the second option (after which you would be informed that there is no need to actually repeat it).


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