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These kits of bundled products are great value and very popular with our regulars. For beginners, the Coffee Making Kit provides you with everything you need to get started making Bulletproof coffee.

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    A racing revolution

    November 30, 2015

    As I sit in my plane seat, closing in on my destination of Vienna Austria, I'm finding myself very tired from 28hrs of travelling with very little sleep. It's time for the meal service and highly preserved foods is all that's available. I choose to pass on the supplied food and begin to get out my aero press and porlex hand grinder and start to brew my coffee. With my coffee brewed and a travel pack of bulletproof MCT oil, little pack of butter and my areo latte I start to whip it all together. I look to the seats next to me to see some puzzled faces as to say "is this kid asking for a heart attack?" I...

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    The gut and the brain work together to keep us healthy

    November 28, 2015

    Think of all the microbes in our gut - it’s pretty impressive the way our gut is thriving with life. There are trillions of microbes from at least a thousand different bacterial species living together to make up an incredible ecosystem - the gut microbiota. And those microbes aren’t just hanging out in the gut, waiting to be fed; they are actually very important for our physical and mental health! We live in symbiosis and we need each other equally. The gut’s potential impact on physical health becomes obvious if you recognise that most of our immune cells originate in the digestive system, placing it as a key player in our immune defence arsenal. But the gut also has a...

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