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Primal Collective

Roasted Crickets

Each 20g pack contains around 200 crickets

The most primal of proteins available. Made from Australian crickets raised on an organic farm in NSW. A local, sustainable and nutritious food. 68% protein.

A healthy and nutritious snack. Over 1900 species of insects are consumed globally. Over 2 billion people enjoy edible bugs as part of their diet. Entomophagy,the practice of eating insects, is common throughout South East Asia and Central America, yet in the west it is viewed as a primitive practice - perfect.

Eeew Gross? Why would I do such a thing? Reasons to Eat Insect Foods like Crickets:

  • They taste good - these dry roasted crickets are crunchy and flavoured with chilli and garlic. They're a great anytime snack. Some people reckon they taste like shrimp.
  • They're high in protein. Crickets are 68% protein.
  • A complete protein source - offers the full spectrum of essential amino acids.
  • Consumption from a diverse range of protein sources is generally considered to be positive for our wellbeing.
  • They are easy to digest. (In contrast, whey protein can sometimes be difficult to digest for some people.)
  • Insect Gastronomy is a thing. Bugs are on the menu at Michelin 5 star restaurants.
  • Gluten Free 
  • Paleo / Primal / Ancestral / Wild
  • A great ingredient. Roasted insects are crunchy.  Add to any recipe for extra texture (ground up, they aren't confronting at all. They become like any other protein booster.
  • As the global population grows, odds are we are unlikely to be able to supply grass-fed meats at sufficient scale to meet demand. Let's enjoy it while we can, but let's also stay ahead of the curve and explore our future options.
  • You already do it! On average, we consume about half a kilo of insects each - it's an unavoidable part of the packaged foods system. Commonly a part of rice, peanut butter and even beer!
  • Freak out your co-workers. Leave an open tub on your desk and casually nibble at them while in conversation with your colleagues.
  • This could be the protein source of the future.

Cricket Nutrition vs Other Common Food Sources:

Growing crickets uses resources a magnitude in scale smaller than what is required for what we have come to know as our 'traditional' protein sources:

 Crickets Beef Salmon
6 weeks to harvest
2 years until culled 6 months until culled
10ml of water 2000L of water They live there
90g of feed 1000g of feed

To produce 1kg of beef 10kg of feed is needed, whereas 1kg of crickets requires just 1.7kg. (FAO, 2013). Farmers lay waste to tropical rain-forests in order to clear the land just so they can produce animal feed.

By eating crickets and other insect foods, you're supporting the foundation and growth of a sustainable local industry that makes sense. More meat and milk demand means greater demand for animal feed too. (Soybean is the primary source of protein in the feedlot agricultural feed sector.)

We get a high quality source of nutrition and over time, we can drive prices down as we start to increase the size of our farms.


Ingredients & Use

Each pack contains approximately 200 crickets (20g)

Ingredients : Cricket (shellfish) (99%), Garlic (acidity regulator (330)), chilli, salt

People with an allergy to shellfish should not consume insect products due to the similarity of the chitin protein structure.

  • Eat as a snack instead of peanuts or a sugary snack bar
  • Start a water cooler conversation
  • Give a co-worker a shock
  • Crush and sprinkle over any savoury meal to add crunch and spice
  • Make insect protein a part of your next post-workout meal replacement.

In the News

A number of high profile Australian chefs have been behind the trend for some time including Kylie Kwong and Matt Stone.

“Once people try insects, they’ll often order them again because that psychological barrier has essentially been overcome. They realise that the bugs don’t actually have a bad flavour, often people don’t even notice the flavour of the bugs at all.” - Serving up edible insects – the pros of adding bugs to your menu


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