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Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate & Almond Collagen Protein Bars

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate & Almond Collagen Protein Bars has a rating of 4.2 stars based on 18 reviews.

Primal Kitchen™ Dark Chocolate Collagen Almond Bars by Mark Sisson. Grass-fed collagen, low-carb, low-sugar (3g), protein (15g) bar. Delicious dark chocolate taste. Sweetened with Monk Fruit. Gluten Free.

  • *Note: The heat of the Australian summer may cause melting of the fuel bars during the delivery process. Apologies if the condition of some of your bars arrive in a less-solid state during the summer months! 

    Turkish Almonds and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Enrobed in a Chewy, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Coating
  • Only 3 Grams of Sugar (from Honey) and 8 Grams of Net Carbs
  • Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Soy Free
  • Excellent Source of Fibre.
  • More Collagen than a Cup of Bone Broth
Ingredients: Almonds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen, Isomaltooligosaccharide (Cassava Root), Water, Coconut Flakes, Honey, Natural Flavors, Coconut Oil, Bitter Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Himalayan Pink Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Tocopherols

  • Take protein to heavenly heights with PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars.

    Turkish almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds are enrobed in a dark chocolate, chewy, caramel coating with an added touch of coconut for a subtly sweet taste and mightily beneficial impact on your health. Our protein bars are made with grass-fed collagen protein from Brazil. Collagen has been shown to help improve joint mobility, improve sleep quality, support skin, hair and nail growth, and enhance digestion.*

    For a nutty crunch, we’ve added calcium-rich almonds—shown in studies to help lower cholesterol—and pumpkin seeds—a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, magnesium and zinc. Our Dark Chocolate Almond Bar is paleo approved, and gluten, grain, dairy and soy free, and boasts 15 grams of protein and 170 milligrams of potassium. It’s also an excellent source of prebiotic fiber in the form of inulin, which studies suggest may aid in weight loss. It’s satisfying, satiating and oh so delicious!
  • Suggested Use

    A healthy and tasty alternative to sugar-laden energy bars, PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars boost energy with 15 grams of healthy protein (and just 3 grams of sugar). Indulge whenever you are on the go and your stomach is rumbling…or when your taste buds are jonesing for a treat. It’s fast and nutritious fuel for both before and after a workout, or as a light breakfast bar coupled with a Primal Fuel shake! Heck, it’s even the perfect after-dinner treat.

    Key Attributes

    • Paleo Approved
    • 15 Grams of Collagen Protein from Grass-Fed Brazilian Cows
    • Only 3 Grams of Sugar from Honey
    • Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Soy Free
    • Nothing Artificial
    • Ingredients: Almonds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen, Isomaltooligosaccharide (Cassava Root), Water, Coconut Flakes, Honey, Natural Flavors, Coconut Oil, Bitter Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Himalayan Pink Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Tocopherols


    Key Benefits

    • An Excellent Source of Fiber
    • Only 3 Grams of Sugar
    • Only 8 Grams of Net Carbs
    • 15 Grams of Protein
    • 170 Milligrams of Potassium

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and one of the most important! It’s the major component of our connective tissue, skin and bones, but as we age, collagen production tapers off, our skin wrinkles, and we become vulnerable to diseases such as osteoporosis. That’s why it’s so important to feed your body collagen protein via your diet.

    The ancestral diet was loaded with collagen protein. Primal humans ate the odd bits and tougher cuts of beef that made up the connective tissue of animals, but nowadays, these parts of the meat get thrown away…because who wants to eat tendons and skin raw? But, we can cook them, and use them to make tasty, healthy treats, like our protein bars!

    There’s evidence that collagen protein may help reduce joint pain in athletes, improve the quality of your sleep when eaten before bed, and heal your gut and restore digestive balance.*


    Animal foods like muscle meat, eggs and dairy get a bad rap because they’re high in the amino acid methionine, which animal trials have shown can decrease life span. But the grass-fed collagen protein that’s in our protein bars is packed with glycine, and studies have shown that glycine can counteract the effects of methionine…so us Groks can enjoy all the benefits of a protein-rich diet.*


    PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars are a terrific source of fibre in the form of inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic fibre that feeds the trillions of foreign cells in our digestive tracts. In other words, it’s food for your gut flora, and trust us, you want your gut flora fed and happy! Your gut microbiome controls nearly every aspect of your health—your digestive, cognitive, emotional, psychological, immune, metabolic and liver health!*

    Inulin is also being celebrated as a possible weight loss aid. Inulin helps you feel fuller, faster—so you don’t go overboard on calories—and it won’t spike your blood-sugar levels. Preliminary research supports inulin's effectiveness as an appetite suppressant.

  • Q: What the heck is collagen?

    A: Collagen is the protein that holds everything in your body together. It makes up about 30% of all the protein in the human body, and is found in your bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and skin, and plays various roles in your overall health. Collagen production naturally declines with age, reducing the structural integrity of the skin and instigating the weakening of cartilage in joints. You can help make up for decreased collagen production by eating collagen sourced from grass-fed bovines pasture-raised in Brazil.

    Q: Why should I eat collagen?

    A: The collagen protein used in PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars is collegen hydrolysate from grass-fed cows, which is broken down into individual amino acids and easier to absorb and digest, so it’s a preferable alternative to taking collagen in, say, capsule form. Furthermore, it’s 100% protein, and we all know the benefits of ingesting clean protein.

    Q: Where does your collagen come from?

    A: We searched all over the world to find a premium source of collagen from certified grass-fed cows. We found the perfect source in Brazil.

    Q: What is monk fruit?

    A: Also called Luo Han Goa, monk fruit is a Chinese herb cultivated for centuries by Buddhist monks. Much like stevia, it’s a delicious and natural way to sweeten without all the calories of sugar.

    Q: What are net carbs?

    A: You determine the net carb impact of a food by subtracting the grams of fibre from the total grams of carbohydrates. Fibre slows the digestion of carbohydrates and reduces the glycemic burden on the body.

    Q: Why is there inulin in this bar?

    A: Inulin is a form of fibre from Jerusalem artichokes that is often taken as a supplement on its own to help rebuild beneficial prebiotics in the gut and as a part of some weight-loss programs.

    Q: Are there GMOs in the Dark Chocolate Almond Bar?

    A: Nope! We’re working on the Non-GMO certification right now.

    Q: What's the integrity of PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Honey?

    A: We use Canadian Grade 1 honey. Absolutely no high fructose corn syrup is mixed into our honey, as it is in some other brands.

    Q: What is hydrolysed collagen?

    A: Hydrolysed collagen is also called collagen peptides (just like Vital Proteins Collagen) or collagen hydrolysate. The collagen has undergone a process of hydrolysis (separating the molecular bonds between collagen strands with an acid, like lime or enzymes) to reduce the protein into smaller peptides, which renders it more readily bioavailable. The amino acid content of collagen is the same as that of hydrolysed collagen. Most clinical studies on the benefits of collagen have been conducted using hydrolysed collagen peptides. Collagen hydrolysate has the same amino acids (and health benefits) as gelatin but different chemical properties. Some people may find collagen hydrolysate easier to digest.

    Q: What exactly are natural flavours?

    A: Don't be alarmed! Our natural flavours are simply cocoa extract with absolutely no MSG or hidden ingredients. We list them as natural flavours per the legal guys. We are looking into calling them what they are on the label moving forward: cocoa extract. Our bar maker in Canada is one of the top facilities in the world (did you know Canada is ranked #1 in food safety?) and they are just as committed to ingredient integrity as we are.

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