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Optimal Sleep Kit with Blue Light Blocker Glasses


Optimal Sleep Kit with Blue Light Blocker Glasses has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 18 reviews.

Relax, unwind, have a pleasant evening and fall asleep easily.

The optimal sleep kit includes a pair of our popular blue light blocking glasses that will help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed so you can maintain a state of optimal wellness and peak human performance everyday.

So what effects our sleep? Light, hormones and neurotransmitters. This kit addresses each of these synergistically.


The Sleep Kit includes 3 items:

Bulletproof® Sleep Induction Mat

  • Stimulates acupressure points up and down your back to ease your body into a deep relaxation response
  • Releases endorphins and triggers a beneficial hormonal response
  • Feel a flood of warmth to the back area, followed by a dramatic release of muscle tension which eases aches and pains
  • During your 20 minute session, put your headphones on and let Brain.FM help you meditate before you sleep.


Uvex Blue Light Blocking Glasses - eliminate blue light after sunset (UVEX)

Blue wavelengths of light trick your body in thinking it is still day time and so it works to keep you awake. When the sun goes down, we tend to keep being exposed to the blue spectrum because of all the artificial lightning.

Use: Wear from sunset until you in bed ready to sleep.  We're not going to hide the fact that these look super dorky - but they're for indoor use only and will help you sleep better. Wear them while watching tv, using your laptop, ipad or iphone and you can save yourself an hour of trying to fall asleep. Read more extensive coverage of the effect of artificial light on sleep.


Don’t just sleep, doze. Find it hard to sleep at night? Want to wake up feeling better? Get your doze on. Dosage: Take an hour before bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach. One month supply of 20 capsules (use up to 5 nights per week and take 2 days off). Doze is an all natural nootropic sleep supplement containing:
100mg L-theanine, 500mg Magnesium L Threonate, 200mg Lion's Mane and 250mg Tryptophan


F.Lux - Free Download

F.lux is a free app for your pc or mac that adjusts your display at night time so the colours are warmer. Usually your computer screen is very bright - but you probably shouldn't be exposed to that much light at night time. When the sun sets, Flux automatically transitions your screen to a softer light setting. Research has demonstrated that exposure to excessive light at night, including extensive use of laptops, smartphones and tablet, can extend the time needed to fall asleep by 1 hour. Also, there is a negative effect on the quality of your sleep, so you won't feel as rested in the morning.

Brain.FM - Sign up on their website

Music for the brain. Choose focus, relaxation or sleep. Brain.FM plays the music that helps put activate the optimal brain wave state for your chosen goal.

The Science of Sleep

The hormones cortisol and melatonin interact in a diurnal cycle with cortisol levels being highest in the morning/day and melatonin being highest in the evening/night. Cortisol gets you out of bed in the morning and melatonin tucks you into bed in the night. Leaving aside the entrained circadian rhythm, light is the primary signal your body responds to throughout this cycle. Blue light suppresses melatonin to keep you awake during the day.

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