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Kimera Koffee Phase 1 Peaberry Ground Coffee - 340g

Kimera Koffee

Type: Coffee beans

Peaberry beans are unique in that they are the only bean in the cherry (rather than two), therefore receiving all of the plant's nutrients in a concentrated dose. Peaberry beans are regarded as naturally sweeter, more aromatic, and more pleasant in taste than regular coffee beans.

Aroma: Sweet, floral bouquet.

Mouthfeel: Silky sweetness, rich, delicate, full-bodied.

Flavour: Clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness, honey and floral yet bold flavor, smooth and rich.

Kimera Koffee's highest quality beans, grown in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Our coffee plants yield 5% peaberry beans, each hand selected and sorted.

Note: Does not contain Nootropics. These are coffee grounds only to enjoy during those nootropic-free times. For a nootropic infused coffee choose from:

Kimera Koffee in Original 340g or 2.27kg bag

Kimera Koffee Dark Roast

New Kimera Koffee: Focus

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