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More BHB and up to 50% less overall minerals per serve. A much better flavour than typical BHB products.

Biologically, ketones have always been present in the human body during periods of starvation or carbohydrate depletion. The body begins ketone production as a preferred fuel source, maximizing production during these states. Today’s typical eating habits of overfeeding and carb dependence have stifled natural ketone production and prevented many people from realizing the numerous benefits of ketosis. However, the popularity of the ketogenic diet has exploded recently, and along with it have products that deliver ketones via supplementation. Such products are referred to as exogenous ketones, or ketones that are made outside of the body.

Exogenous ketones allow people to elevate blood ketone levels without undergoing drastic dietary restrictions. As a result, exogenous ketones represent an increasingly convenient way to achieve the therapeutic benefits of ketosis.

How is this different to other Exogenosu Ketone Supplements?

While many have realized the benefits of exogenous ketone supplementation, for some, the amount of minerals (i.e. sodium, potassium, calcium) usually contained in these supplements limits use. For this reason, we created KetoBlitz. KetoBlitz contains a new BHB source called BalanceBHB, a patent pending free acid and BHB salt blend, resulting in up to 50% less overall minerals per gram of BHB, more BHB per serving and a much better flavour than typical BHB products.

KetoBlitz is a concentrate with a delicious limeade flavour. Mix 30mL of the concentrate with 8-12 ounces of ice cold water and consume for an immediate ketone boost. For some max peaks can occur as early as 15 minutes, providing energy and ketone benefits nearly on demand!

This product is manufactured in the USA and is:
- Paleo and Keto Friendly
- Lactose Free
- Contains NO Animal Byproducts
- Gluten Free
- Contains NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings

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