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Heart and Brain Stack


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Bulletproof Key Nutrient Supplements Quality Control Standards:
1. Each one had to give you only the active ingredients you actually need – without unnecessary fillers or contaminants…
2. They had to deliver those active ingredients in the most bioavailable, bioactive forms – no “bedpan bullets” or expensive urine allowed…
3. And each one had to contain evidence-based amounts – the “minimum effective doses” based on the latest research studies to avoid waste and maximize results.

Attention to the details count. Even the most subtle “fine print” details can make or break the effectiveness of a supplement.
Take Folate and B-12, For Example:

Folic acid – the most common form of Folate out there (and the one added by law to a lot of processed foods) simply doesn’t work for about a third of the population who (like me) carry a mutation of the MTHFR gene and can’t process the folic acid form. That’s why Bulletproof Methyl Folate includes the alternative and more bioavailable methylated form of the nutrient that almost everyone can handle.

The same goes for the majority of B-12 supplements, which contain a less bioavailable form called cyanocobalamin – while the Bulletproof version contains only the methylated type, known as methylcobalamin, or Methyl B-12.

Why You Don’t Want To Run Low On Folate or B-12:
Unfortunately, even though they’re absolutely essential for maintaining methylation reactions that repair DNA, build healthy cells, and keep your brain and heart operating at peak capacity... many, if not in fact most people are actually deficient in B-12 without supplementation.

Because proper levels of both Folate and B-12 are required for mental function, they’re best taken together – in fact, a deficiency in either one of these nutrients can produce a deficiency in the other.

Because Methyl Folate and B-12 are such a natural and essential pair, they are available in this Bulletproof Heart & Brain Stack.

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