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Cow Share! Ultra premium Grass Fed meat...Ya Herd?


Cow Share! Ultra premium Grass Fed meat...Ya Herd? has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 5 reviews.

  • Call Grass Roots Urban Butchery: 02 9337 3063 

    Grain feeding significantly changes the fatty acid profile of the beef. Conjugated linoleic acids and Omega3s drop in just 7 days of grain feeding, as the animal starts to become sick (and unhappy!) Grass-finished means the animal is not given grain or feedstock to quickly fatten them up before slaughter.

    Learn why grass-fed & finished beef is better for you (infographic)

    As an added bonus, all cow share orders placed in June will receive a $10 OPTIMOZ Store Credit!

    A group of 4 buyers is needed to trigger the deal. You will be advised of a delivery date estimate when you place your order.

    Select your region above (pricing includes delivery & a reusable cooler bag)

    Clear out some room in the freezer because this is nutritious, grass fed & finished beef (the original "superfood") that you should be proud to feed to your family and friends!We've even got grass-fed beef recipes to inspire you.

    Grass Roots Urban ButcheryOptimOZ are proud to have partnered with the family owned and operated Grass Roots Urban Butchery (GRUB) to bring you an affordable way to eat high quality grass fed and finished beef. Each animal is sourced from the ethically farmed Taralga Springs who run a totally transparent operation. GRUB organise regular trips to the farm to see the cattle - have a look at the pictures to see how cows should be farmed!!!


    What is a Cow Share? According to Dominic who runs GRUB:

    Dom from GRUBThe ‘Cow Share’ program is designed around a community approach to consuming an entire animal – from nose to tail. 

    It enables a group of people to each buy a share of an entire carcass and to distribute the meat, fat and bone among the shareholders.  Participants will receive a little bit from the front of the animal, a little from the back and a share of everything in between. 

    In short, it is an attempt to replicate the age-old practice where an animal was slaughtered to be shared among the community.

    The Cow Share (20-25kg of a variety of beef cuts)

    What you get for your money is 1/4 of a side of a beast (a side is half a cow) that has been pasture raised and finished. Your share is composed of:

    prime' cuts, 'secondary' cuts, mince, sausages, bones (for stock or soup) and fat. These will be delivered in 

    vac sealed portions so you don't have to worry about the mess and hassle of amateur home butchery. It comes ready to chuck in the fridge / freezer or eat straight away! With the variety of cuts, you'll need to put your chef's hat on :)

    Starting at only $342 inclusive of delivery, Dom is doing us all an incredible deal. The cow share works out to under $15 / kg for the highest grade & tastiest beef available. In addition to the meat, bones for you to experiment with bone broth, roast the marrow or just give to your dog.



    Exactly what you receive will vary for a number of reasons:

    1. The size of the carcass varies throughout the year (250-280kg) and as they dry and age (to enhance the flavour and texture) moisture is lost which reduced the weight.

    2. In a natural, free-range and pasture-based environment, the fat cover on a carcass will vary throughout the seasons.

    3. One person may get a little less T-bone, but this will be made-up with more scotch fillet. You will need to accommodate 22-25kg in your fridge / freezer for the meat, bones and fat (this requires at least 1 standard sized freezer shelf) and the vacuum packed meat should keep in your fridge for up to 14 days.

  • How does this work?

    We can only pull the trigger on each cow share once we have 4 people committed to purchase. This makes it a bit unpredictable but refunds will be issued in full if we don't have a group ready by the cutting date.

    Organising with friends is a great way to ensure we can commit the side of beef, or you can buy more than 1 share if you have Dexter's freezer at your house!

    Next delivery: A few days after a group of 4 buyers has been formed. Get your order in now to secure your share! Want more details? call 02 80917089

  • Delivery

    GRUB Home Delivery
    Delivery is already included in the price. Please include your phone number so the driver can call you. Remember, it's fresh product, so you want a successful delivery the first time!
    Everyone gets an awesome GRUB cooler bag as part of their order to help maximise freshness in transit.
    GRUB will deliver to:

    Greater Sydney area, bound by Palm Beach, Berowra, Richmond, Emu Plains, Campbelltown, Narellan, Heathcote and Easter Suburbs.
    Additional delivery areas: Wollongong
    ACT and Southern Highlands
    Central Coast

    • Get your order in today and secure your cow share (we already have!) This is by far the best quality meat we have ever had the pleasure of feasting on!
    • Please make sure you are within the serviceable delivery area. More cow-share locations are coming soon. Contact Us and let us know where you are so we can sort you out too!

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