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Coco Jack

Coco Jack


Made of 100% Food Safe Stainless Steel. The Coco Jack is a  safe and easy way to open Young Thai Coconuts, no matter what your size or strength.

  • This Coco Jack Kit includes:

    1X Coco JackCoco Jack comes with a specially designed shock absorbing grip, whose material was originally developed to absorb the vibration from motorised lawn mowers!  They will help protect your hand from excess vibrations if you're opening a lot of coconuts at once.

    1X Coco Mallet

    High Quality, Food Safe Plastic Mallet.

    1X Coco Scoop

    Get "the inside scoop" with our Signature Scoop Tool!  The Coco Scoop gets nearly all the meat out of your Coconut in one Scoop!

    • 100% Stainless Steel
    • Patent Pending
    • Made in USA

  • "Love your product! Just recieved my Christmas Gift-Coco Jack w the special mallet, scooper & "raw fibre bag"! Amazingly efficient & easy to use! So fast & certainly no comparison to my old methods! Thank you for this wonderful creation! What a Great tool/ gift" - Anita

    "I wish you loads and loads of success! [. . .] I am sending you link out on Facebook to help spread the word and I wish you years and years of success! [. . .] Best of luck and your tool is so easy to use I had my 9 and 8 year old nieces cracking coconuts over Christmas, they loved it, just not the coconut water :) Kids!"- Jen "I have already received my coco-jack and we love it! Thanks for it. I have already gotten one friend to buy one , more to come!!!!" - Brian

    "I've meant to write...To applaud The Coco Jack which came last week...And to let everyone know how easy and absolutely fun and thrilling it is to use. I was able to proudly show my sweet gardener that I don't need him and his machete anymore. And I wanted him to know that dream ideas can become ones dream come true....Thank you for my new yum and nutritious invention...I am so very proud of you who thought it up and then made it happen." -Zia

  • Does the Coco Jack work on mature, hairy coconuts?

    The Coco Jack was designed to be used on young Thai Coconuts, not mature or hairy coconuts.


    What about the green coconuts?

    Yes!  While the Coco Jack was designed to be used on Young Thai Coconuts, it can also be used on green coconuts.  Simply slice off an area of the husk with a knife and use your Coco Jack normally.  Depending on the coconut, you may also be able to use the Coco Jack without slicing off a portion of the husk.  Enjoy!

    Am I strong enough to use the Coco Jack?

    Yes!  We have had children (with adult supervision) as young as 6 years old successfully use the Coco Jack.  Watch our "How to Hammer" video to see how easy it is to hammer, once you let gravity do the work for you.  As long as you don't have any debilitating condition, your physical size and strength should not be a factor in using the Coco Jack.

    I can't open my coconut in "6 seconds" like it says in the video.  It takes me a lot of whacks to get the Coco Jack in.  Are you sure this thing works?

    Yes!  If it's taking you a lot of whacks to get into your coconut, you probably have an inefficient hammering technique.  Watch our "How to Hammer" video for step by step instructions to use your hammer properly, and just like the folks in our testimonials video, you'll be getting into your coconut in no time!

    Do I ever need to sharpen my Coco Jack?

    Probably not.  The Coco Jack cutting edge comes "pre-dulled" so that it doesn't "dent" or "ding."  It works 95% as well as a knife edge and is a lot safer. 

    However, if you find your cutting edge blunts or deforms at all, you can take your Coco Jack to your local knife sharpener to give it a new edge.  We recommend having him or her leave a .020" land on the edge for safety. 


    My Coco Jack is stuck in my coconut.  How do I get it out?

    Once you get the hang of it, the Coco Jack should come easily out of most Thai coconuts.  Try choking up on the handle of your Coco Jack.  Then, place your thumb through the hole at the top and push down on the coconut crown. Holding your thumb on the crown, lift the handle back up in the air.  Sometimes a little bit of prying up and down is required, but this technique works 95% of the time.  


    What if my Coco Jack slips out of the hole when I pry it down?

    This problem is easy to fix.  Usually it just requires one or two more strokes with the mallet to secure the Coco Jack around the lid of the coconut.  Simply push the Coco Jack down to where it was before you pried it down.  Give it one or two firm strokes on the front edge of the cup.  It may also be helpful to give one or two strokes on the sides of the cup to even it out.  Then prying should be easy.  If the same thing happens again, repeat.  Or make sure that your Coco Jack has really penetrated all the way into the shell.  You should notice a definite "drop" in the cup as the Coco Jack slices through the shell wall of your coconut.  


    How to I use the Coco Scoop?

    The Coco Scoop is easy to use.  It is made of flexible stainless steel, so it will conform to the walls of most coconuts with just a little bit of pressure. [Note: Your scoop may bend if you press it too hard. Use just enough pressure to conform the scoop to the side of the wall.]

    See our video for instructions on using the Scoop Tool.


    Is the Coco Jack Food Safe?

    Yes!  The Coco Jack is made out of 100% Food Safe Stainless Steel.  The Mallet head is made out of 100% food safe plastic.  The Scoop and Noodler tools are also made out of 100% Food Safe Stainless Steel.

    Is the Coco Jack Dishwasher Safe?

    While we recommend hand washing the Coco Jack with the vinyl grip removed, the Coco Jack and grip are both dishwasher safe on the topshelf only.

    How do I clean my Coco Jack?

    We recommend removing the vinyl grip and hand washing the Coco Jack with mild soap.  Both the grip and the Jack should be dried separately before reassembling.


    How do I clean my Coco Shock?

    The Coco Shock is washing machine safe (air dry or tumble low) or can be washed by hand in the sink.

    Why do use plastic for your hammer?  Is it recycled plastic?

    We chose a plastic mallet (rather than a rubber mallet) because it is food safe and will not scuff or tear during normal use.  We researched the possibility of using recycled plastic, but recycled plastic can not be guaranteed food safe.

    Where can I buy Young Thai Coconuts?

    Coco Jack will be opening its own Home Delivery Service soon.  But in the mean time, you can buy your Young Thai Coconuts in most health food stores, Whole Foods markets, and Asian or International markets.  In some cities you may find them in delis and normal supermarkets.  As it becomes easier to open YTCs using the Coco Jack, we expect to see YTCs in many more markets in the future!

    How long do Young Thai Coconuts stay fresh?

    This depends somewhat on how long they've been on the shelf when you bought them.  But in the refrigerator they should last at least a week, probably much more.  If you're concerned, sip a bit of the water or taste the meat before consuming.  The water will taste a bit sour if it has started to turn.


    What does it mean if my coconut is purple on the inside?

    If your coconut has turned purple, it can often mean that it is rotten.  We do not recommend eating purple coconuts or drinking water from purple coconuts.  It is sometimes possible to tell which coconuts will be purple by looking for purple spots on the bottom of the coconut while they are still in the store.  Purple spots may indicate that the coconuts will be purple on the inside.

    What can I do with my empty shells after I eat my coconuts?

    Lots of things!  You can use them as planters for seeds and plants, you can compost them, and you can even use the husks for carving necklaces and other jewelery.  And of course, there's this!

    There are lots more uses for your empty Coco Shells.  Be creative!


    Are there any other techniques for using the Coco Jack?

    Some people prefer not to pry the handle of their Coco Jack down in order to open their coconuts.  Instead, they pry the handle up and pull the front end of the coconut lid at the same time.  This method works well as an alternative to the standard Coco Jack procedure.  See our instructional video for a demonstration.

    How to I use the Coco Scoop?

    The Coco Scoop is easy to use.  It is made of flexible stainless steel, so it will conform to the walls of most coconuts with just a little bit of pressure. [Note: Your scoop may bend if you press it too hard. Use just enough pressure to conform the scoop to the side of the wall.]

    See our video for instructions on using the Scoop Tool.

  • At Coco Jack, we stand behind our products. If you purchase our approved Coco Mallet along with your Coco Jack, your Coco Jack will be guaranteed for 1 year/1000 Coconuts against breakage.

    We have tested the Coco Jack and our Coco Mallet to over 5,000 hits, and it showed no sign of wearing down at all. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any other kind of mallet or hammer, since these have not been tested, and we are pretty sure if you used a metal hammer or a small sledge that Coco Jack might encounter some troubles. But if you use only the Coco Mallet, you are covered for a year from your date of purchase We will file your order under your email address, and if your Coco Jack breaks or becomes unusable, send us a note. You can return it for a free replacement. Hassle free.

    In general, the Coco Jack does not need sharpening. However if you find the blade of your Coco Jack becomes unusually dull, you can take it to any local knife sharpener to put a new edge on it. We recommend creating a .020" land so that the cutting edge remains a little bit dull. This will make the edge last longer and only affects its cutting capability by a small amount. We strongly recommend against a "knife edge," as it can "ding" and "dent" easily, which risks bits of metal breaking off and entering your food. Show this page to your knife sharpener as a guide for what to do. Or have him or her get in touch with us with questions.

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