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Bulletproof® Chocolate Powder - 450g (Discontinued)


Have you been depriving yourself of chocolate because you’re trying to lose weight, feel better, and eat Bulletproof? Or maybe you’ve noticed that some expensive chocolate bars taste great but then you crash and feel jittery later. Or maybe you’ve had a lifelong love affair with dark chocolate like me.

Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Upgraded Cacao Butter are designed to be the highest quality chocolate products in existence. Where your chocolate comes from and how it’s created determine everything about how it will make you feel.

Save when you purchase as a combo kit with Upgraded Cacao Butter - you will want both for your Bulletproof Coffee and recipes :-)

Manufacturers website: http://www.upgradedself.com/chocolate-powder.html

Bulletproof® Chocolate Powder - 450g (Discontinued) has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 46 reviews.

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