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Bulletproof® Chocolate & Cacao Butter Combo


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Make Upgraded™ Chocolate with the two most essential ingredients: 100% raw upgraded cocoa powder and cacao butter. Organic, wild-crafted heirloom and low-toxin processing means you get the best ingredients for maintaing a state of high performance.

Save with this combo pack!

This combo pack includes:

1X Bulletproof Chocolate Powder
Raw and made from rare, wild, hand-harvested South American cacao beans. Processed with our high altitude curing process that minimises chocolate toxins so you will feel the difference. Maximum chocolate aroma and flavour. Make Bulletproof Ice Cream, a mocha or combine with cacao butter to make chocolate! Enjoy the energy that only single-variety heirloom cacao can provide

1X Bulletproof Cacao Butter
Cacao Butter is a viable alternative to daily butter for making Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Cacao Butter is harvested in the same way from the same trees as Bulletproof Chocolate Powder. It’s never heated, so it’s a completely raw food (and yes, it’s even vegan). Not only does Bulletproof Cacao Butter taste amazing, it has the kind of fats that make you healthier. 61% of the fats in Bulletproof Cacao Butter are the safe, saturated kind that do not oxidise easily. Only 4% of the fats are the easily damaged polyunsaturated kind, but these are protected by the antioxidants in chocolate. The remaining 35% of fat is monounsaturated fat, the kind found mostly in olives and avocados.

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