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Bulletproof® Cacao Butter - 450g

Have you been depriving yourself of chocolate because you’re trying to lose weight, feel better, and eat Bulletproof? Or maybe you’ve noticed that some expensive chocolate bars taste great but then you crash and feel jittery later. Or maybe you’ve had a lifelong love affair with dark chocolate like me.

Cacao Butter is a viable alternative to daily butter for making Bulletproof Coffee. Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Upgraded Cacao Butter are designed to be the highest quality chocolate products in existence. Where your chocolate comes from and how it’s created determine everything about how it will make you feel. It's not the sugar in that chocolate bar that makes you feel awesome. It's the valuable phytochemcials and nutrients are found in the raw beans. But these are degraded in the cooking or heating process. That's why raw cacao butter and powder should be your go to ingredients from which you create your perfect chocolate food or dessert. You control how they are treated.

Buy as a combo with Upgraded 100% Raw Chocolate Powder

  • All chocolate is produced by fermentation, and 80% of South American chocolate sampled recently had mold contamination.
  • Bitter, powdered and dark chocolate showed the highest concentrations
  • 64% of the microbes that ferment chocolate create toxins called mycotoxins. These toxins make you feel weak, sick, and lethargic even at so-called “safe” levels approved for commodity chocolate.
  • The safe upper limit of ochratoxin A is around 4-5 ng/kg of body weight per day (although it can be as low as 0.2 ng/kg per day according to animal models.)
  • The USDA says no food for human consumption should have more than 20 parts per billion of aflatoxin.
  • If a 60kg person were to eat 50 grams of average chocolate contaminated with ochratoxin A, they would have consumed 15% of their total daily limit of ochratoxin A, and 26% of their total daily limit of aflatoxin.

"The cocoa butter part of dark chocolate is an extremely stable fat with hepatoprotective effects, particularly when alcohol is consumed. Rats on a cocoa-butter diet could consume 27.5% of calories as alcohol without incurring liver damage. The cocoa phenols are also protective against alcohol-induced liver injury, so it’s (as always) the total package that works best." - Mark Sisson

Manufacturers website: http://www.upgradedself.com/upgraded-tm/cacao-butter.html

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