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Bulletproof Detox Power Stack


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Targeted Detox Pack

Bulletproof Detox Power Stack has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 134 reviews.

In Today’s World,There’s Simply No Way To Avoid Taking In More Kryptonite Than Your System Can Handle. Activated Charcoal. Glutathione Force. Calcium-D-Glucarate.

That’s why Bulletproof detox hacks like Glutathione Force, Coconut Charcoal, and the new Calcium D-Glucarate are so crucial for your daily performance. After all, the first step to enhanced strength and resilience is getting rid of anything that’s making you weak. It’s the core of being, and feeling, truly Bulletproof. Take advantage of not just one but three incredibly impactful ways to help your body excel at everything from dealing with suspect food and drink.

Reinforce and streamline your detoxification pathways and equip them to handle the toxin load of modern life more efficiently than ever – so you can enjoy less stress, brain fog and fatigue, and more energy and focus in everything you do.

  • Proprietary, pharmaceutical grade liposomal delivery system for effective absorption

Product Description:

  • 1 bottle of Glutathione Force contains 60 capsules (30 servings)
  • 1 bottle of Activated Charcoal
  • 1 bottle of Calcium-D-Glucarate


  • Bulletproof Glutathione Force -- your body’s “master antioxidant” in a unique Active Liposomal form designed for maximum bioavailability (and now in a convenient capsule form you can easily take with you anywhere)...
    Coconut Charcoal – a hyper-absorbent material with a negative electric charge and millions of microscopic pores to trap, capture and bind environmental toxins in your digestive system before the damage is done (this clean Bulletproof version comes from carefully washed ultra-fine coconut shells)...
    New Calcium D-Glucarate – another vital compound that binds and eliminates toxins to support your liver’s built-in detoxification power and strengthen your defences (it’s also essential for proper hormone metabolism). In short, any one of these can help you fortify your system and build up your everyday resilience... … and together, all three are a potent trifecta to ensure you stay at the top of your game even when something in your environment does its worst to try to drag you down.

  • Glutathione Force uses a new proprietary compound of phosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid and oleic acid to encapsulate and deliver glutathione in its complete form to the small intestine where it can be absorbed as glutathione. Otherwise, glutathione can be denatured and broken down into individual amino acids in the stomach before reaching the small intestine.

    Other Ingredients: Phosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid, oleic acid, gelatin, water.

    All ingredients are non-GMO, product contains no fillers, dyes or other junk.

  • Directions

    Bulletproof Glutathione Force Take 2 capsules daily, increasing as you have kryptonite food or are otherwise exposed to a higher level of toxins. Amount Per Serving (2 Capsules): Glutathione – 500mg Bulletproof Calcium D-Glucarate Take one capsule 1-3 times daily to support removal of everyday toxins found in foods and the environment. Amount Per Serving (1 Capsule): Calcium D-Glucarate – 500mg Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal Take two or more capsules for fast detox when consuming food or drink of unknown quality. Amount Per Serving (2 Capsules): Activated Charcoal (derived from coconut shell) – 1000mg Warning: The high adsorption of charcoal may reduce effectiveness of certain medications. Consult your healthcare provider before taking charcoal. Never take charcoal at the same time as medications. May cause harmless darkening of stools. At high doses, may cause constipation. If you are 18 years or younger, pregnant or lactating, on medication (including blood pressure medication), have a medical condition, or are allergic to any listed ingredients, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.


    What’s the different from the old formula? Why the change?
    This new formula is 5x more potent than the previous formula. With advances in liposomal delivery systems, Glutathione Force enables powdered glutathione to be effectively absorbed by the body. No sulfur smell or taste in a more convenient, encapsulated form.

    Will the old, flavored version come back?
    We will not continue selling Orange Spice Glutathione, as we’ve made this improvement to give you a better product for your money.

    Should I take it if I’m already healthy?
    Even healthy individuals are exposed to many stressors on a daily basis – such as exposure to chemicals, pollutants, and physical stress. Glutathione is a necessary antioxidant supporting health at a cellular level - specifically, helping to protect against potential cell damage from the effects of free radicals. While we believe this product is viable for everyone, please refer to your licensed healthcare provider for further advice.

    Where is glutathione sourced?
    Glutathione is derived from natural fermentation.

    How is oxidization prevented in the Glutathione?
    It is packaged and sealed in a proprietary manner where it does not come into contact with oxygen.

    Is the Bulletproof Phosphatidylcholine delivery system hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated, and (from your research) does this have an impact on LDL levels?
    We do not use hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine (PC). We use a pure, pharmaceutical Grade Phosphatidylcholine.

    Is this product derived from any part of shellfish? I am allergic to shellfish. Also are any of your products derived from shellfish?
    Glutathione does not contain any part of shellfish - nor is it manufactured in a facility that also manufactures products with shellfish.

    Is it gluten-free?

    What is the Activated LiposomalTM delivery system, and why is it better than product x?
    Glutathione is encapsulated in a proprietary lipid blend, where your body can readily absorb it in its complete form.

  • How Glutathione Force Optimizes the Central Nervous System

    Glutathione may help improve your short-term brain function, long-term memory, and help protect against cognitive decline. Glutathione helps the body remove toxins that may inhibit optimal brain function. There's even evidence that maintaining higher glutathione levels is associated with healthier aging of the brain and body. Other studies indicate that aging itself is associated with oxidative stress, and that glutathione levels become lower with age.

    How Glutathione Force Detoxifies the Body

    Glutathione is needed to help bind and remove toxins from every tissue in your body. Some of the best evidence behind the powerful detoxifying effects of glutathione comes from pharmaceutical research. Take the supportive effects of glutathione in liver cells that have been exposed to toxins from amanita mushrooms, for instance. Some of the most studied techniques of supporting and protecting these cells during the induced oxidative stress are based upon increasing cellular glutathione!

    How Glutathione Force Protects Your Body from Mold Toxins

    <p">Mycotoxins, also known as mold toxins, are damaging compounds produced by various molds and fungi. Over time, even at low levels, they may cause the body to have to work harder to maintain normal function of the brain, heart, liver and kidneys. These mold toxins are almost everywhere in modern society, especially in food. Glutathione Force helps protect you against exposure to these toxins. In vitro, glutathione helped protect against the toxic effects of aflatoxin and fusarium, two of the most common mold toxins. Mold toxins are a serious, often unavoidable risk to health, but it's one that Glutathione Force can help reduce.


    How Glutathione Force Promotes Cardiovascular Health

    Glutathione plays a key role in maintaining heart and artery health. For example, when blood cells are incubated with glutathione, they are more likely to continue moving smoothly past one another, like they normally should.

    Why Glutathione Force Helps "Serve and Protect" Your Gut

    Research has shown that glutathione supplements may help improve gut health by decreasing oxidative stress. This may help promote proper digestion and intestinal functions. Some research suggests that glutathione may help support the gut tissue in people who may be less tolerant of some common foods. To us this makes sense because we believe even small, chronic exposure to toxins contribute to brain fog and lethargy. The glutathione in Glutathione Force can help your body deal with toxins and keep your gut functioning at full capacity.

    How Glutathione Force Tonifys the Immune System

    Studies have found that glutathione supplements may help improve immune function by reducing oxidative stress in the immune system’s cells. Your body needs both a strong immune system and also one that doesn’t overreact. By keeping the oxidation levels in your immune cells at a normal level, the glutathione in Glutathione Force helps you keep the proper immune system tone for high performance.

    How Glutathione Force Helps Protect Your Body from Heavy Metals

    Heavy metals like mercury decrease performance. Heavy metals are present in many household items and in some cosmetics (some makeup and deodorant products) and foods (some fish). Glutathione helps detoxify mercury, cadmium, and arsenic in at least two ways: it increases the cells' ability to resist the toxic effects of heavy metals, and it helps remove them from the body. The human body isn’t very good at getting rid of toxic heavy metals, so they often build-up and decrease performance. Glutathione Force may help increase the resilience of cells to deal with heavy metals and eliminate heavy metals from the body.

    How Glutathione Force Supports Healthy Aging

    According to the Free Radical theory of Aging, free radicals make us age. This may be why people with high glutathione levels tend to live longer than those with low levels. Some research indicates that damage to the power plants of your cells – the mitochondria, is a key factor in aging. Your body needs glutathione to protect your mitochondria, and when you don’t have enough, they may age more quickly. This is especially true for liver cells. When mitochondria are low in glutathione, the liver is more susceptible to the negative effects of toxins we see in everyday living.

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