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Body Detox - Oral Spray

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A unique combination of natural detoxifiers, immunostimulators, and powerful antioxidants.

  • After witnessing first-hand the health-destroying effects of heavy-metal accumulation and toxic load in his patients, ironman athlete Dr. Minkoff set out to create a solution that would facilitate the body’s natural detox processes and restore optimal health safely for everyone.

    The result is Body Detox, a 21st-century solution to our modern crisis of pollution and toxicity, with a revolutionary combination of advanced biotechnology, homeopathic, and natural medicine:

    • Advanced glycoprotein nanoparticles with more chelating power than EDTA, the standard treatment for heavy metal detoxification [1]
    • Nutrients to help rejuvenate and regulate your intestinal tract, your primary elimination pathway and barometer of health. [2-3]
    • Powerful antioxidants to help neutralise damaging free-radicals
    • Safely shunts toxins through your liver and to the intestines, saving your kidneys from the damage and overwork typical in many detoxification programs
    • Boosted with glutathione, your body’s primary detox compound, so you don’t burn your own precious reserves of this critical agent [4]
    • Homeopathically formulated against many of the most prevalent environmental toxins

    Body Detox is a tasteless, odourless oral spray that is easy to use. This unique delivery mechanism also makes it easy to adjust to your own needs, whether engaging in a deep detox regimen or simply daily use as a prophylactic – stopping the toxins before they ever have a chance to build up in the first place.


    1. The efficacy is demonstrated in this case study. These claims are further substantiated by unpublished research conducted in our lab. Please inquire for specific details.
    2. Gratz, SW, et al., Probiotics and gut health, World Journal of Gastroenterology,
    3. Goldin, B., and Gorback, S, Clinical Indications for Probiotics, Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2008
    4. Forman H.J., et al., Glutathione: Overview of its protective roles, measurement, and biosynthesis. Mol Aspects Med. 2009; 30(1-2): 1–12.

  • Your body is under assault every day from over 100,000 toxic chemicals, by conservative estimates. This stress takes its toll on your health, manifesting as low energy, fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalances, leaky gut, and dozens of other symptoms and conditions. Over time, this exposure and accumulation can lead to chronic disease and even cancer.

    By supporting your body in removing the toxins, you free yourself from a biological burden you didn’t even know you were carrying. You empower yourself with clearer thinking, a more efficient metabolism, and more vital energy.

    For situations involving metal-specific toxicity, Dr. Minkoff has effectively treated many patients by combining Body Detox with Metal-Free for very powerful results.

  • Body Detox is best taken just before bed on an empty stomach, followed by six to eight ounces of purified water.

    We recommend you start slow and work your way up. Begin with just 1 or 2 sprays before bed on an empty stomach. Spray under your tongue and hold it there for 2 to 3 minutes, then swallow.

    Continue like this for one week and observe how you feel.

    If this dosage does not create any adverse reactions, then increase the dosage by 1-2 sprays for the next week. Again, monitor how you feel. Continue in this manner until you work your way up to a maximum of 8 sprays every evening.

    If you begin feeling sluggish, foggy, and unwell, lower your dosage until you stabilize.

    If you are very sensitive and a single spray affects you negatively, you can use a small dropper and begin with a single drop (one spray = three to four drops).

    For children, maximum dosage recommendations are:

    • 6 sprays for a child under age five
    • 4 sprays for a child under age four
    • 2 sprays for a child under age two

    This gradual approach allows your body to adjust naturally and minimizes potential side effects like headache and fatigue that can sometimes result.

    Additional steps to maximize results and increase comfort during the detoxification process:

    • Drink at least ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight per day to facilitate toxin elimination. Drink more if your body temperature is above average.
    • Have at least one, preferably two bowel movements per day. You can use magnesium citrate (try Perfect CALM) as needed to help facilitate this. Alternatively, you can try BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse to have a smooth, natural movement.
    • Time in the sauna is very helpful and is recommended daily for at least 10 minutes and up to as much as is tolerable. Sweating in a sauna is excellent for the removal of toxins.
    • Eat only organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. This will minimise your exposure to pesticides and herbicides that may interfere with your detox process.
    • Avoid other artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives, colouring agents, etc., as much as possible.
    • Take a multivitamin with extra antioxidants to help support your health during detox. We recommend our Multi Complete.

  • Oligopolysaccharides are saccharides that can bind to pathogens and prevent them from attaching to or entering the body’s intestinal mucus membranes.

    Glycoproteins are proteins that contain oligosaccharide chains (glycans) covalently attached to their polypeptide.

    Phospholipids are fat derivatives in which one fatty acid has been replaced by a phosphate group and one of several nitrogen-containing molecules. Phospholipids are a class of lipids and a major component of all biological membranes along with glycolipids, cholesterol, and proteins.

    Colloidal sea minerals are the natural minerals found in pure ocean water. Colloidal means they are attached to proteins, so they can be absorbed better.

    Microcluster structured water is a specially-processed form of water with molecular clusters that quickly enter cell membranes. Each molecular cluster has only five or six water molecules, which are significantly smaller than normal water.

    Microactivated enzymes and microactivated mercury-free chlorellaare grown with beneficial bacteria and exist in a form that living organisms can easily absorb and utilize. This makes them more active than if they were just free chlorella or enzymes.

    Lipoic acid is an essential cofactor for many enzyme complexes and is a strong antioxidant. The molecule consists of a carboxylic acid and a cyclic disulfide. Its sulfide chains can bind to heavy metals and carry them out of cells.

    Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide. Glutathione is an important intracellular antioxidant that protects cells from toxin-generating free radicals.

    Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. It is an important antioxidant and precursor for vascular and basement membrane integrity. It is widely known as the vitamin whose deficiency causes scurvy in humans.

    Hyaluronic acid is a non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective epithelial and neural tissues. It contributes significantly to cell proliferation and migration. The average 70kg man has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronan in his body, one-third of which is turned over (degraded and synthesized) every day.

    Fulvic acid assists in nutrient absorption. It readily penetrates plant and animal tissue, significantly enhancing the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

    Ferulic acid is an organic compound that is an abundant phenolic phytochemical found in plant cell walls. It has antioxidant and detoxification properties.

    Protease inhibitors are a class of compounds used to treat or prevent infection by viruses, including HIV and Hepatitis C.


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Wolfram H. (Perth, AU)
Feeling It Only got slight

Feeling It
Only got slight detox symptoms on day 3 and 4
And getting more morning clarity and energy
Thankyou Dr Minkoff for all your true and great products
Hopefully OptimOz gets even more of your range
Thankyou OptimOz:raised_hands::sparkles: