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Pavoscreen Blue Light Blocker Computer Glasses


Pavoscreen Blue Light Blocker Computer Glasses has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 11 reviews.

Pavoscreen Blue Light Blockers Help prevent eyestrain, pain, headaches and fatigue as a result of computer use. These glasses have only a very slight tint to them, making them very similar in style to regular eye-glasses.

UV Protective lenses can block 50% harsh blue light and 100% uv rays from digital screens. These glasses are well suited for office environments.
Note: For glasses that block out all blue light that are designed to help with falling asleep, see our UVEX Blue Light Blockers.

A comfortable, super lightweight 16.9g alloy frame and impact resistant lenses make for a pair of comfortable and durable glasses.

An Anti glare coating reduces eyes strain, fatigue and blurred vision during prolonged use.

A barely noticeable light yellow tint keeps screen colours as natural as possible.

Why use these glasses?

1、A modern, safe-for-work design that can be worn at the office without drawing undue attention. 
2、These Anti-Blue Light Glasses are designed to help mitigate the strain associated with extended use of computers, phones, tablets and TV.

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